A Possible Sign of Active Shooter Events by Chris Grollnek

A Possible Sign of Active Shooter Events by Chris Grollnek

A few weeks ago I was being interviewed on the possible reasons for the active shooter phenomenon.  I rarely give opinions regarding active shooters.  Instead of providing rhetoric and “talking head” opinions about what makes sociopaths – sociopaths, I tend to stay with the factual information.  This enables others who do not understand the dynamics of active shooter events and some of the possible reasons people commit these heinous acts of violence.  One of my readers from an interview I did with the Statesman News Paper sent me a message on twitter @cgrollnek with the following youtube video.  After watching it several times, it made me realize the more people say video games enable our children to desensitize violence, they may be correct.

As a child my friends and I played “army” and “police” and whatever else our minds could dream up, but I do not recall a time where we executed a near perfect “hostage rescue.” Please do not be confused reading this and think this is a “perfect” hostage rescue training video.  It is far from perfect and many tactics and “tricks” the kids use for the video may be current in theory, they lack in execution of movement, man-power, and true tactics.  IN summation, this video may have a current “theme” but lacks validity of actions and operational tempo and goal setting,  yet the basic principles are right there.

This video made me stop and think how did this whatever age child make a video with button hook techniques, near perfect criss-cross movement, movement to the objective and hostage and finally an EXFIL (which in this case again is far from solid mission settings).  The question is, how did they learn this?  I leave this post with that single question for you to infer what you will – but really, did games teach these tactics although juvenile in nature, what if they were rehearsed well enough to execute a mission of another kind?  Like an active shooter event…


By Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Prevention Trainer and Public Speaker PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: Chris Grollnek is a dynamic Public Speaker and forward-thinking Director of the Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC. (www.aspppro.com) An Interview and Investigation specialist with a record of success at the Executive and National level for Leadership and Management efficiencies regarding Policy and the Curriculum Development for Terrorism related Prevention. Chris recently wrote and appeared in the Department of Justice Active Shooter prevention Training Video (2022-2023). Complete understanding of government and corporate contracting and investigative programs to enhance corporate standards of policy implementation. An architect of efficiencies with a results-oriented pattern of success in investigative techniques, security, safety, sales leadership, and interviewing while leading teams and establishing best practices. A well-versed public speaker, freelance television contributor, and radio news commentator. Experience in testifying before serval governmental bodies, including The United States Congressional bodies of the House and Senate committees, regarding Terrorism Prevention, Response, and Training Initiatives. #activeshooterexpert #NEVERHERE