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Homeland Security Today Conference Active Shooter Speaker Chris Grollnek

Book Chris Grollnek for your next seminar, lunch, symposium, class or corporate function. Chris Grollnek Active Shooter Public Speaker is an internationally recognized expert in both private and public security and law enforcement sectors as the Nations Leading Active Shooter Prevention Expert. A crowd favorite and trade show highlight, Chris Grollnek is a renowned public speaker engaging the audience in a jovial manner while discussing life saving skills turning a harsh topic into a great one-hour presentation people wait months to participate in and attend.

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Book your event today by contacting Chris directly. For more information please call and leave a voice message: 214-663-2849 – Calls are not answered directly due to the volume of requests. A team member will respond within 24-hours of leaving a message or responded to by 4:30 p.m. (CST) if received before noon (CST). Thank you – cg

IAI Active Shooter Public Speaking Award

I.A.I. Active Shooter Speech – Chris Grollnek Public Speaking Award

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  • Active Shooter Prevention (45-minutes to 1.5 hours)
    • A Law Enforcement Perspective
      • Conferences | Seminars | Symposiums | Security Formats
  • Active Shooter and Personal Survival (without Paramilitary Training) (1-hour)
    • Responding like everyone else, the true First Responder (our families)
      • Luncheon Format
  • Active Shooter – The Evolution and Progression of Incidents (1.5 hours)
    • How Everyday People are Affected by Acts of Domestic Terrorism
      • Seminar and Conference Format
  • Active Shooter Response (45-minutes to 1.5 hours)
    • Law Enforcements Role
      • Retail and Insurance Management Formats
  • Active Shooter Response (45-minutes to 1.5 hours)
    • Personal Responsibility to Keeping Family Safe
      • Community Meeting Forums
  • Active Shooter Continuum and Personal Threat Mitigation (1-hour)
    • The Rise of IED’s in Active Shooter Incidents in America and Beyond
      • Security Director and Risk Managers
      • Law Enforcement (Federal / State / Local / International)
  • Active Shooter Conference (45-minutes to 1.5 hours)
    • Risk Managers, Attorneys and HR Professionals
      • A Legal and Risk Management Perspective
Homeland Security

Homeland Security Today Conference Main Hall Active Shooter Expert – Speaker Chris Grollnek 2015

What People are Saying

“Chris is a “gifted” speaker who communicates his message better than anyone I have ever seen and turned a very real topic into a semi comedy show.” – J. D. Executive Director, Public Relations

“What an entertaining hour spent, the activeshooter [sic] presentation was almost worth the price the whole three-days of the seminar. Thank you for seeking out this speaker. Next year, I respectfully request to have him back!” – D. S.  Director of Risk Management 

“The speaker who provided the speech on; “Security Through Environmental Design,” [sic] the bald one, yea [sic] , have him back or we won’t be back! What a great show! I forgot it was a security conference and the gaming machines left my mind. This was one of the most entertaining and informative seminars I’ve ever attended” – VP, Global Affairs

“SAC ____ will host an All-Hands Meeting tomorrow Tuesday, 10/06/2015, in the third floor training room, for all personnel in the Dallas Field Division, of the U.S. Department of Justice Building for Officers, Case Agents, Attorneys and all support personnel of both the DOJ and the DEA in order to provide training and general awareness on one of the disturbing issues facing our nation today, the issue of Active Shooters in workplaces, schools and public venues. SAC Wiles will introduce the nation’s leading expert and voice on Active Shooter Events, Mr. Chris Grollnek, who will provide an informative presentation on “Active Shooter Prevention.” A/ASAC II, Dallas Field Division

“The presentation was very captivating. Chris does a very effective job delivering key points about active shooter while maintaining a fun and lively atmosphere. Enjoyable and entertaining all at the same time. Our audience enjoyed the interactive nature of the presentation and the personal stories and experience given by Chris.” -W., Executive Director IREM Orange County

“Chris Grollnek has done an outstanding in providing clients the tools needed during these highly dynamic events.  As a retired police officer, SWAT commander and law enforcement trainer in all levels of force, firearms, defensive tactics, etc.” – J. F.

I am part of the Executive Staff here in the Dallas Division and I was sitting front and center at your 9:30 presentation this morning.  Thank you so very much for taking time out of your day to educate our DEA employees.  I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and we all learned a lot. I’ve been a prosecutor for 31 years now.  I paid my way through graduate school by working for the City of Irving police department and Municipal Court and I paid my way through law school at Texas Tech by working midnights at the Lubbock Police Department.  I was married to a homicide detective for 10 years, my daughter is a Lubbock Police Officer, my sister works for the FBI and my brother-in-law is a retired SWAT guy from the Garland Police Department.  I’ve taught for years at various police and sheriff’s office academies, rape crisis centers, Texas District and County Attorney Association trainings (for state/county prosecutors), National Advocacy Center training center (for federal prosecutors) and I was a professor for years in the Criminal Justice Program at Wayland Baptist University teaching Criminology, Crime Scene Investigations and Murder:  An Analytical Study.  I also served as the Chief of Staff for the last two Administrators of DEA at our Headquarters in the Washington D.C. area.  Suffice it to say, law enforcement and the people dedicated to that profession are my life!  You, my friend, represent our profession so very well.  Not only showing passion and compassion for us but for the communities we serve.  Thank you.

Chris Grollnek 490 Person Lecture Jan 2017

Chris GrollnekPublic Speaker to 490 Person Lecture Hall in Jan 2017

Chris Grollnek Domestic Terrorism Expert

Chris Grollnek Delivering a Training Session to Agents of the DOJ and DEA on Domestic Terrorism