Marine Corps Barracks Life

Marine Corps Barracks Life

Marine Corps Barracks Life, a “Time for Change.”  Read the “Craig’s List post and enjoy the humor before reading my post about the accuracy and need for adjustments.


$1000 / 1br – 225ft² – 1/1 available soon! (CLNC)

Available in two weeks!
Chris Grollnek Opinion
A Marines listing that shed light on Marine Corps Barracks Life.

This lovely 1br/1ba room is located in a gated community with 24-hour private security. There are free laundry facilities and all utilities are provided at no additional cost. Weekly cleaning of room required and inspected. Courtesy wake up service at or around 0530. Shopping close by. Free gym membership to all gyms within the gated community. Discount movie theater five minutes from the room. Lawn care provided bi-weekly. Semi-functional business center/library upstairs. Off-street parking available, but tough to find a spot on weekdays. Less than 15 minutes from Onslow Beach. Active community with running trails and “motivation specialists” to “encourage” you along your way. No kitchen available in room, but at the low price of an additional $250/month, a reasonable amount of food is available at nearby facilities. Extremely short commute to work!!! Rent can be paid on the 1st or split between the 1st and 15th with automatic withdrawal.

No resident may affix anything to the walls with the use of nails, screws, tape, or (apparently) railroad spikes. Alcohol is limited to one six-pack. No pets. No drugs. No overnight visitors. No arguing with the security service or wake up service. No smoking indoors, but designated smoking area is available.

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The problem with this post is that Marines are issued a room and this Marine through a humorous post is exposing the truth about “barracks life” in the Marine Corps.  Considering the “listing,” barracks life for Marines is far behind what it should be when compared to the other services.  These young men and  women are fighting in multiple wars annually, sometimes places “We The People” never even know about and yet they cannot “TAPE” a picture up on their wall (bulkhead).

Their housing is projected to cost them $750. to $1,250. in expenses not paid to them a month to live in these rooms because that is what is withheld from their pay to live on base if they were married or had a dependent.  The Marines who live off base “legally” they would get basic allowance for housing and cost of living in creases in their pay checks for that area. Other branches have recently allowed Sailors’, Airmen and Soldiers’ to “op-out” of barracks life.

Although there are so many benefits of being a Marine or serviceman/woman, the Marines are in last century when it comes to quality of life.  I write this with a two pronged view of course and it is hard to be unbiased.  My point of this is, this Marine is exposing whats wrong with todays Marine Corps from a “living standard and quality of life within barracks” and if I were to go back in, I would advocate for Marines rights to be near where the Air Force falls on this issue.

The Air Force goes to Congress annually for “Quality of Life” for their Airmen/Women and then “beans, bandages and bullets.”  This branch continues to excel and the Marines could too if they understood Mission Accomplishment still came first.  The Air Force is no less a service because they take care of their troops but Marines are always thought of last forcing them to put Mission Accomplishment ahead of Troop Welfare in their budget.  The fear of course is that the Congress would abolish the Marine Corps and because of that fear, they are slow to request what they need and live by the standards of years and decades past.  The Marines relish the saying; “we do more with less before others, and do it better than the rest, before anyone else shows up.”

There lies the problem; pride and legacy.  I believe it does not mean Barracks Marines need to be treated poorly now just because we past Marines were for so long previously.  Sometime, somewhere, the Corps has to grow up and provide Marines a living environment free of “want to be Drill Instructors” hiding under the “instilling discipline” model by messing with living arrangements if you are unfortunate to have to reside in the barracks.

This is my opinion and I expect it to get “flack” because if it doesn’t Marines wouldn’t be Marines lol Semper Fi

p.s. I was an 8511 with over seven cycles completed and use to be one of the people “needing to instill discipline” before I learned what that even meant as a “HAT”

Marine Corps Barracks Life

By Chris Grollnek

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