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Media Interviews Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek

Chris Grollnek Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight Las Vegas Active Shooter Domestic Terrorism Attack November 2, 2017


Chris Grollnek Fox and Friends San Bernardino Active Shooter Terrorist Attack

Governor Sarah Palin Interviews Chris Grollnek


CCTV and Chris Grollnek for CCTV-America on Terror Attack

Fox and Friends First Interviews Chris Grollnek

Chris Grollnek Tipping Point re Officer Jason Van Dyke Charged & Murder

Chris Grollnek Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler 11-26-15

Chris Grollnek Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler 11-2-15

Chris Grollnek Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler 11-6-15

Chris Grollnek On-Point with Tomi Lahren – One America News Network                 Theater Shooting Commentary and Common Sense Training

Fox & Friends debate hosted by Tucker Carlson Chris Grollnek on Gun Free Zones & Antiquated Military Policy

News 11 with Jack Fink at 6:00 p.m. Walk & Talk

Chris Grollnek on 570KLIF with Dave Williams on Active Shooter and Terrorism

One America News Network “On-Point” with Tomi Lahren and Chris Grollnek

Washington DC Fox 5 with Chris Grollnek on Navy Yard Response

CNN Joe Johns with Chris Grollnek on Reaction instead of Prevention

NatGeo Video Trailer Mall Bombings and Mass Shootings with Chris Grollnek

KCBS Radio Interview

KRLD Radio Interview

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Chris Grollnek has a policy of not providing interviews regarding school shootings where victims are Pre K through 9th graders. This “vetting” process regarding which interviews to grant and which to pass on has been tried and true and we do not waiver on this practice.  Further, interviews with the desire to criticize first responders’ efforts are not given; unless the response is negligent which directly causes additional casualties.  Speculation of “post incident” alternative responses will not change outcomes therefore we will not opine on such courses of action.  In rare instances, CGPGMG offers expert “optional” opinions as to a less intrusive or more deliberate response.

Chris Grollnek provides media interviews and corporate consultations with the intent to educate  people on effective  skills unique to surviving a critical incident; specifically, an “active-shooter.” In the video Superstes, written and directed by Internationally recognized active shooter prevention expert Chris Grollnek, provides basic information  for free with tips and guiding philosophies of survival behavior for everyone.  The half million dollar project was privately funded and released at no no charge in an effort to promote safety and change in the  understanding of active shooter incidents.  The 26-minute captivating video continues to host the video for free has been seen by over 100k plus to date on several channels.

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Media Interviews