When Violence Visits

Every day, violence is present, and yet we keep moving forward! I post these tragedies to remember the innocent victims, not to spotlight the evil. Are you prepared for when When Violence Visits?

Chris Grollnek Active Shooter Expert
Active Shooter Expert

That said, evil is at our door. In a public statement; the Director of the FBI said; “hate crimes and domestic terrorism warnings were raised to be a “national priority,” and just two days later, Club Q in Colorado suffered an active shooter by one evil doer stopped by two GREAT humans, at the cost of five innocent lives. Club Q, where a community of humans felt safe and ended up targeted. Schools with football teams whom we watch on Saturday, and even Walmart, where we shop. All this in four days, not to mention the tragedies of gang violence inside our cities.

The killer at Club Q was known to authorities and was charged with two felonies one year ago; [they] dropped all charges. The killer at the football bus was a known threat, [they] let him travel on the trip. The Walmart shooter is too early to tell, but he was an employee, and when this comes out, you will know there were warning signs.

We all have choices; we can say, “oh my, I can’t believe this happened,” or we can act, get training to prevent these incidents, or use new technology like gun detection A/I in Omnilert, prevention platforms like Awareity, or a one-of-a-kind barrier like Wingshield to stem the flow and create safe spaces. The solutions are there; the training is no more than a seminar training your mind for the unthinkable. “The body cannot go where the mind has never been” ~ Greg Shaffer, SSG.

Although these incidents are actually infrequent, the fear they produce is real and can be reduced to near zero, and statistics and facts support that. The fear our families feel is accurate, and it’s time to call; if not us, we will get you to someone for some basic understanding of how these unfold, what you can do to increase your chances of survival exponentially, and most impotently, prevent them! Are you prepared for; “When Violence Visits”? Our one-of-a-kind seminar and symposium-style training will reduce the fear, understand the statistics, and prepare you for the “what if” scenarios. Click here to reserve your seminar.

Evil knows no borders; evil exists, and minutes matter ~ Greg Shaffer Shaffer Security Group

A lack of funding is not an excuse for the loss of life ~ Chris Grollnek Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC

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