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Keynote Speaker Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Prevention Programs

Active Shooter prevention programs are often rolled out as one size fits most. We use analysis of client needs and our unique training programs for practical solutions for each customer. By understanding the prevention of critical incidents in the workplace, we tailor our training to the needs of the audience. The team of professionals associated with Chris Grollnek, the Nations Leading Active Shooter Prevention Expert, represents a vast field of expertise.

Homeland Security Today Conference KeyNote Speaker Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek
Homeland Security Today Conference KeyNote Speaker Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek

These Active Shooter Prevention Programs are for audiences ranging from middle school children to the top levels of the U.S. Government. The resources and personnel working with Chris over the years are hand-picked each with personal involvement in all levels of Government service. The one tangible skill set that separates these instructors from most companies is their specific experience. Each one is chosen from occupations unique and common to Workplace Violence and Terrorism Prevention.

These men and women continue their trade within their fields, having been chosen for their experience and abilities. Many of these resources are assembled government and U.S. Elite Forces who have and continue to defend this great nation. During corporate seminars and leadership tabletop exercises, your employees will benefit far beyond the workplace.  Recognizing factors that lead to workplace violence and domestic style terrorism, our programs focus on mitigating these risks. This extends in certain situations to the prevention of explosive devices, identification, and procedures to deal with said threats.

For private and concealed firearms carriers, we offer practical and tactical experiences that exceed standards police meet to graduate the basic academy level of training.

For security, police, first responders, government, and military, we offer accelerated special response programs and extreme explosive detection along with initiation courses. These include three common yet advanced entry techniques, mitigation, and suspect identification, prevention, and neutralization techniques. While these training packages can be found within the DoD, most have waitlists and command controls making attendance difficult.

*These training packages are not available to the public. Please inquire for group classes, pre-clearance, training, and requirements.

The professionals who conduct these classes are committed to making you, your coworkers and your team members confident and relaxed throughout the process. The subject(s) and risks can create stress when not dealt with directly. This is evident specifically after the sensationalized reports of the incident across the country. Dealing with these risks and preparing for the worse can reduce misunderstandings. While the likelihood of an event is minimal, these opportunities lessen the business’s liability. Our proven techniques take the risk and mitigate it to the lowest possible factor.

Chris Grollnek, is one of the top, nationally-recognized Active Shooter and Domestic Terrorism Prevention Experts for Critical Incident Response and Prevention. Active Shooter Events are the nation’s number one domestic terrorism threat according to the FBI and Chris Grollnek is the nation’s most trusted professional to provide dedicated and comprehensive Active Shooter Prevention Training. The list of customers that make up the core of our clients includes; Fortune 100 and 500 Companies, small to large corporations, family-owned and mutual funded businesses, the entire government sector, public entities, and other organizations. Nationwide, statistics indicate that it takes an average of 12 – 17 minutes before law enforcement responds to the call for assistance, with the average incident ending in under seven (7) minutes. Mitigating the time span of “zero to 17 and everything in-between”™ is our specialty. We pride ourselves on teaching the true first responders of these tragic events–YOU—the public caught inside while police are 17 minutes away!

With these highly researched statistical response times in mind, the focus must shift to understanding who the “true” first responders are, which in our minds are the people who are caught in the midst of these events before law enforcement arrives on the scene. Our principals, training staff and strategic partners, are a diverse and well-respected group of individuals who offer the true alternative to “waiting on police while an incident unfolds”.  We strive to further the development of education and awareness by freely providing vital information, gathered from incidents that have occurred across the nation, which stand to increase the odds of active shooter prevention and training to increase survivability. Additionally, we provide real-time support, as well as recovery and resilience training.

The specific focus of our training philosophy is to shift the nation’s mindset, thus behaviors, to that of a thoughtful survival mentality through education, workbooks, and videos explaining and illustrating how active shooters and other events develop and unfold. Rather than the “re-enactment and physical encounter portion” of typical critical incident training, our methodologies instruct the average citizen, as well as corporate and government leaders, through an event. We facilitate planning ahead without introducing the stressors associated with certain types of “reality-based training,” which is used by several of our competitor companies for a kind of “inoculation.” With that kind of training, mock scenarios are created for personnel to respond to, but unfortunately without the proper vetting and preparation of their audiences and target populations, often leaving training participants unnecessarily shaken, sometimes to the point of traumatization. After years of offering such courses, typically in advanced settings for highly trained security and police personnel, we are now broadening our reach to provide active shooter prevention training tailored for a broader public and corporate leadership audience, across all venues of daily life.

The curriculum of our program(s) comes from insights gained by our team members’ and strategic partners’ actual experience, not just theoretical education. We believe that this is what sets us apart from all other training companies.  Our personnel has been hand-picked from among the most sought after active shooter prevention, psychological and crisis communications experts in the nation–those with the most experience and education in the industry. We freely share our philosophies, experiences, and insights in order to mitigate concerns and threats one may encounter in daily life and while safeguarding the security of families, employees, and other individuals, whether at the workplace or other settings.

MEDIA CONTRIBUTOR – Chris Grollnek (Retired)

News Media Contributor / Guest Lecturer – appearances include:

Fox News, Fox & Friends, CNN, OANN, ABC, CBS, NBC, National Geographic, Associated Press, Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, Washington Times, Boston Globe, countless nationally syndicated radio programs – advisor to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Department of Justice, University of Texas, Homeland Security and Non-Profit “Think Tanks” such as the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and the Mackenzie Institute in Canada.