Why Chris Grollnek

Why Chris Grollnek?

Many companies offer active shooter prevention training from a pure academic standpoint, so Why Chris Grollnek? As the former founder (prior to the sale) of Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC, he is considered one of the top Active Shooter and Critical Incident experts in the nation, with an emphasis on how training and prevention can assist exponentially in the survival rate of persons inside an event.  Equally important, his expertise includes limiting the opportunity for an active shooter event to occur.  Chris is quite possibly the only industry security professional, and owner, formally educated and trained on the subject, who also survived real world experience from two separate, personal events involving active shooter situations, in addition to his professional experience. He has assembled top professionals, highly respected in their respective fields. Principals, Staff, and Strategic Partners, all of whom are experts in their own right (see Strategic Partners page).  These professionals range from former and active police officers, SWAT Team Leaders, Industry Security Specialists, Kidnap and Ransom Negotiators, and members of the military’s Special Operations Community, to media specialists and an impressive cadre of public safety and psychological experts. All are available to Chris Grolnek and their clients on agreed upon terms.

Active Shooter Media Correspondent
Why CGPGMG? Chris Grollnek is the Nationally Recognized Active Shooter Prevention Expert

More About Chris Grollnek…Chris holds a Masters of Science degree in Administration of Justice and Security from the University of Phoenix, with membership in the National Honor Society. He wrote his Master’s thesis on the phenomenon of “Active Shooter Events,” but that was just the beginning. Prior to honorably retiring from the McKinney, Texas Police Department in October 2012, Chris served as a patrol supervisor and member of the Tactical Entry Team; he was a tactics trainer for the entire department and SWAT Team. These skill sets were obtained during operational missions and search warrant executions which created and refined a vivid array of talents. Chris found his niche in complex covert and overt investigative services while serving as an undercover narcotics detective. He is a master interviewer certified through the Reid Method of Interview and Interrogation and has earned numerous military and police certifications in his career, including the Police Shield.

Recognized as the nation’s leading active shooter expert and a top security policy consultant, Chris testified before sub-committees of the U.S. Senate Ways and Means Committee, in 2002, regarding the specifics of counterterrorism training needs in the wake of 9/11. Working with members from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Chris navigated his way through Washington and went on to establish the “standard” for educational doctrine and approaches to address these horrific events.

Chris is an often-invited keynote speaker, government sub-contractor, and notable Washington D.C. “Think Tank” participant on these subjects, as well as a highly sought after media resource during and post incidents gaining the attention of the very news outlets covering these types of situations. (See news footage of Chris on programs like the Fox News Channel, CNN during the Naval Yard Active Shooter Incident in 2013, NBC covering the Department of Homeland Security training concepts for Counter Terrorism Training shortfalls and several others). Currently, Chris is teaming up with several specific experts for a 45-minute National Geographic style “Docu/Drama.” Chris understands the unique nature of questions posed by the public and media that need to be answered during and surrounding active shooter phenomena. One of the most effective venues to convey prevention methodologies is through media outlets while preparing companies to remain compliant in training mandates that mitigate risk and reduce insurance liabilities.

History of Chris Grollnek

History CGPGMG
Active Shooter Location Graph by FBI 2014 – History CGPGMG

Chris Grollnek sought and completed his Masters of Science Degree to address and meet the growing needs of corporations, public sector agencies, and other organizations as they plan for the hopefully never realized possibility of facing threat to physical property and human lives, whether those of employees, customers, or community members, as the result of workplace violence or other active shooter events. Chris Grollnek is the creative force behind the original Active Shooter Prevention Training Program. Formerly known as Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC, we remain the first, and only company of its kind, offering solutions that attenuate the threat of active shooters and other workplace violence through our unique prevention and education training model. Rounding out another first in corporate offerings is our “anticipating the aftermath” planning featuring our proprietary Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) for employee welfare and corporate compliance.