Critical Incident Videos

Critical Incident Videos - Active Shooter and Terrorism Prevention Expert - Training - Public Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Critical Incident Videos

Here are examples of critical incident videos used in speeches and seminars with inside perspective(s) from active shooter incidents and terrorism events. These videos are essential to watch from the perspective of how incidents like these occur and end. Learning to prevent future events and the importance of everyone’s understanding that to prevent these incidents from occurring, we all must understand warning signs.

When we continue to rely on the police, we are just acquiescing to first responders doing just that, “responding.” Watch these critical incident videos for a more in-depth perspective on training methodologies. The lessons to take away from the past tragedies, risks can be mitigated to make a more comfortable and safe work environment. The most successful Active Shooter Prevention Programs are the ones that are tailor-made to the audience who will benefit from the training.

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Richmond Virginia Greyhound Bus Station Shooting

US Capitol Shooting Some Run Others Hide Most Watch

US Capitol Shooting Response Outside Building

Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek Revisits Luby’s Mass Shooting

Explosion in Brussels Airport and Metro Station Security

Chris Grollnek on Active Shooter in McDonald’s Massacre 1984

Britain for Police Terrorist Attack on Streets of London

Virginia Tech Campus Massacre

Raw Footage of Gunman Shooting at Detroit Precinct

This is what separates our Active Shooter Training programs form others, we focus on you and first responders, but we train separately from each persons perspective, ability and understanding. Active shooter training means something different to everyone. To you or your family, it means staying alive and getting out of an incident, that means understanding prevention techniques that have nothing to do with fighting. Understanding that first responders are the people that are there first and not police, people start understanding they are responsible for their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

For police, Chris Grollnek trains first responders for active shooter response and tactics from the inside perspective. This includes what goes on inside, a unique view from having been inside two active shooter events / incidents, Chris trains Police and SWAT response tactics. With experience as a former SWAT Entry Team Member and lead firearms tactics instructor, Chris also focuses on the challenges of during and post event status. Making entry into the house of the shooter from McKinney PD in 2010 as the point man, Chris learned a lot from a suicidal person with nothing to lose (after his death) and lessons entering a dwelling that was suppose to take other lives.

Critical Incident Videos

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Critical Incident Videos - Active Shooter Prevention Training and Tactics for Military and Law Enforcement. Security Team Training Available by special request.