Active Shooter Prevention Video

Free Public Safety Announcement (PSA)

Active Shooter Prevention Video

Early in 2013, Chris Grollnek formed a team of Active Shooter and Terrorism Prevention Experts to create a first of its kind free active shooter prevention video for the Country. The cast includes; Chris Grollnek, Dave “Bo” Bolgiano, Dr. Morgan Banks, PhD, (U.S. Army Ret) and U.S. Army Colonel Jim Patterson. This partnership with Parroco Television was to produce a basic Active Shooter Survival Video for corporate and scholastic America. The Active Video was written and directed by Chris Grollnek, The Nations Leading Active Shooter Prevention Expert. Chris brought in specialty consultants for the video produced by Parroco Television in Virginia Beach.  After mutual funding and a “calling,” both parties made an adjustment to the philosophy of educating the public for these situations. As a result, the video became one of the “go to” national resources for active shooter prevention and awareness training.

This free Public Safety Announcement (PSA) has morphed into todays leading Domestic Terrorism prevention video available by reaching as many people possible without regard to profit.

By no means is this a one size fits all training video, it is emphasized that this is ONE TOOL that must have an Subject Matter Expert (SME) elaborate on if being used in conjunction with a comprehensive active shooter prevention program.

Superstes which is Latin for “Survival”, is available for the web, YouTube streaming, social media postings, network streaming and network release as a guide to get started with a program.  This video, compressed into 24.5 minutes of captivating and effective training is a prelude and model for a broadcast training or television infomercial or corporate training message.

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Free Active Shooter Prevention Video

(*This Video is for Executives and HR Professionals)

US Capitol Shooting Response Outside Building

Why Run, Hide Fight works in buildings like this, but not for everywhere else;

“Chris Grollnek, The Nations Leading Active Shooter Prevention Expert”

Cast in the order in which they appear:

Active Shooter Prevention Expert Chris Grollnek (Retired McKinney Police Corporal)

Chris Grollnek Active Shooter Expert
Christopher Grollnek, National Leading Active Shooter Expert and Media Resource











Former Chief Counsel and Senior Partner Dave “Bo” Bolgiano – Founder / Chief Counsel

Active Shooter Expert Lawyer
Principal and Founder
Chief Counsel / D.C. Corridor Advisory Commission











Psychological Expert on Active Shooter Behavior, Dr. Morgan Banks (PhD)- Operational Psychology, Retired Special Forces Psychologist

Advisory Member of CGPGMG photo not available - seen in active shooter PSA
Advisory Member of CGPGMG photo not available – seen in active shooter PSA











Army Colonel James Jim Patterson from public safety warrior video from U.S. Navy video “Judgement Based Engagement Training” (JET)

Image and Video from JET produced by US Navy
Image and Video from JET produced by US Navy