“From my earliest days as a community organizer through my work as President, I have found thatAmericans can achieve extraordinary things when we work together. Each of us has a role to play in creating a better world for future generations. I trust you take pride in your contributions, and I hope you stay engaged in the important issues of our time.” 

-President Barack Obama 

“SAC Wiles will host an All-Hands Meeting tomorrow Tuesday, 10/06/2015, in the third floor training room, for all personnel in the Dallas Field Division, in order to provide training and general awareness on one of the disturbing issues facing our nation today, the issue of Active Shooters in workplaces, schools and public venues. SAC Wiles will introduce the nation’s leading expert and voice on Active Shooter Events, Mr. Chris Grollnek, who will provide an informative presentation on “Active Shooter Prevention.”

-James C. , A/ASAC II, Dallas Field Division

“The presentation was very captivating. Chris does a very effective job delivering key points about active shooter while maintaining a fun and lively atmosphere. Enjoyable and entertaining all at the same time. Our audience enjoyed the interactive nature of the presentation and the personal stories and experience given by Chris.” 

-Windell Mollenido, Executive Director IREM Orange County

Chris Grollnek worked both SWAT and Undercover Narcotics working with Federal and State prosecutors on major cases.

“I worked with Chris on a case covering several months and found him to be most diligent in handling the requirements of the project from inception to completion. He was always quick to respond to requests for information and assistance and his work product was invaluable to the successful outcome of the case. Chris is very goal oriented and was flexible to employ the necessary tactics and strategies to achieve the goals we had set for the project.”

-Kent Richardson, Asst. Attorney General, Texas Attorney General
June 2, 2011

“As an AUSA, I had several opportunities to work with Chris on cases he and his colleagues presented for federal prosecution. Chris’s investigations were thorough and he always conducted himself professionally in the court room and elsewhere.”

-Sam Cantrell, Assistant United States Attorney, U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Texas
June 1, 2011

Juror Thank You Letter

“CGPGMG has done an outstanding in providing clients the tools needed during these highly dynamic events.  As a retired police officer, SWAT commander and law enforcement trainer in all levels of force, firearms, defensive tactics, etc.”

-Joe Follendorf

 “We would love to feature your video in the upcoming edition which we will publish this month.”

-The Workplace Violence Prevention eReport

“I am starting a seminar in Oklahoma City aimed at normal citizens, not law enforcement or military combatants, who own firearms for self-defense. I am referencing your link in my resource manual on your video regarding active shooters.”

-Force Protection Experts

“I saw your recent video on active shooters and I am developing some programs along these lines.  I am recent graduate of the Naval Post Graduate School with my third masters in National Security Studies-Homeland Security and Defense.  My interests in protection of schools, mainly because we live in the state of Florida, was initially dealing with being able to have schools back in operation after severe weather and hurricanes.”

-Rodney Andreasen, MS, MS, MA, FPEM, CEM

“Thanks again for taking my call. I understand that you have an engagement but when you get the chance just respond to myself, and Herve Brussini – who will be writing the article. We will provide you with the link of the published article. As I told you, the reason we would like to speak to you is because Paris is currently being terrorized by a lone gunman.”

-Valerie McCabe, News Producer

“Greetings from Idaho, I just wanted to take a minute and advise you that I was currently watching your company’s video on Active Shooter Prevention. I will be passing this to our County Human Resources Office for dissemination to all employees.”

-Detective Randy Herbert

“I am a Program Director for the Department of Family and Protective Services (CPS), my workers are in and out of homes daily and often forget about personal safety even here at the office. I was sent a link to your video Active Shooter, I plan to show this video at our next program.”

-Texas Child Protective Services

“The California Department of Motor Vehicles is currently working on training for our field office employees on Active Shooters and using your video as the main feature to guide us through our policies. Thank you.”

-California Department of Motor Vehicles

“I am currently in the process of creating an active shooter plan for my organization (Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas). I believe utilizing the services of outside consultants, such as yourselves, would be a great help.”

-Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas