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Government and Policy - Chris Grollnek - Active Shooter and Terrorism Training Expert
Government and Policy – Chris Grollnek – Active Shooter and Terrorism Training Expert

Presidential Involvement: Chris Grollnek chosen to work by POTUS on educating the general public, absent media reporters regarding the; “Iranian Nuclear Deal.” This request is made specifically to separate fact from fiction through public forums during Congressional “Townhall Meetings” from a National Security Policy standpoint. Chosen along with thousands of others, Chris Grollnek will be able to intelligently articulate the main points and exceptional importance of this agreement versus the public opinion and the misrepresentation of facts.


Senator Ted Cruz

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Chris Grollnek on Presidents Conference Call

POTUS Iran Deal Straight from President Obama

Pictured left is a still photograph of Chris Grollnek on an invitation-only conference call with the President of the United States, above a brief and appropriate video clip.  It was an honor and privilege for Chris Grollnek to be chosen to discuss the facts regarding the Iranian Nuclear Deal and the National discord from a National Security Policy standpoint.  In Chris’ words, “I was speechless, but more importantly HUMBLED to be on the line with, The President of the United States.”

During the call, Grollnek is captured in this photo disagreeing with most of the President’s policy while completely understanding the deal in place awaiting Congressional approval.  

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Chris continues, following the call, “I would challenge you on one thing, ‘look beyond and listen behind the rhetoric,’ follow the money and oil interests to understand why this deal is where it is!”

Senate Ways and Means Committee Hearing on Counter Terrorism Training with Chris Grollnek and CSIS in 2002
Senate Ways and Means Committee Hearing on Counter Terrorism Training with Chris Grollnek and CSIS      (circa 2002)

On March 24, 2002, Chris Grollnek was invited to Washington, D. C. to testify at the Hart Senate Office Building to representatives of the Senate Ways and Means Committee on the needs of Counter Terrorism Training with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).


Story from Interview with Melinda Brown

New Counterterrorism Training Center Announced Today – 2002

March 25, 2002 –Two former Marines are developing an expansive
counter-terrorism training based on the former Energy Department
Superconducting Supercollider project site.

The site, which has been unused since 1993, is located at approximately 20
miles south of Dallas.  The facility includes approximately 200 acres of
land, 60,000 square feet of office space, a 250,000 square foot “satellite,”
protected indoor training area, and approximately 18 miles of tunnels that
run several hundred feet deep.

Chris Grollneck [sic] and Ron Reid, the president and vice president,
respectively, of ProTac Global, are developing the site.  ProTac provides
personal instruction and professional training to individuals, military, law
enforcement, and security agencies, focusing on safety and tactical
instruction.  Grollneck [sic] said ProTac would direct management oversight
and play an advisory role for the Counter Terrorism Training Center
(CTTC).  Current plans are for the lessees to provide their own training

Retired Army Col. William Taylor, president of Taylor Association Inc.
and a consultant for the training center touted the size and the variety of
potential training exercises that can be conducted on the property,
claiming they make all other training sites pale in comparison. “They can
set up any training and testing scenarios any agency may want —
offensive or defensive,” said Taylor.  “There are lots of fine, smaller
training facilities at various CIA, FBI, or military-operated sites, but none
like this.”

Some site benefits include the capability to conduct operations from
helicopters, open area assaults, explosive entries, high-risk personnel
training, vehicle assault and interdiction, and real-time exercises,
according to a draft briefing for defense and homeland security agencies.
The site will contain explosive ordnance demolition pits, an airstrip, train
tracks and a large lake, according to Taylor.

Grollnek and Reid envision CTTC as available for lease-back to the
Defense Department, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies
and U.S. allies. They intend to lease the site in 5-to 10-year increments;
lease rates remain undetermined at this time.

Grollnek and Reid will formally release their plan at a briefing on today,
which will be attended by representatives from the armed services, the
Defense Department, government agencies, Congress and the CTTC’s
financial backer, American Express Advanced Advisor’s group.

The DOD and the Office of Homeland Security have not been formally
briefed, but “they have been informed and understand what is taking
place,” Taylor said.

The CTTC will be ready for operation within four months after the first
agency signs on, according to Taylor. — Malina Brown /

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Chris Grollnek on Presidents Conference Call | National Security Policy

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