Building on an Active Shooter Profile

Building on an Active Shooter Profile (That Remains to Exist) All we need to get to #NEVERHERE Building on the active shooter profile that remains to exist, we need to broaden our views and accept some realistic facts. The Texas shooter’s diaries reveal he believed he was an “INCEL” (definition follows), which shows a troubling… Continue reading Building on an Active Shooter Profile

Why Chris Grollnek

Why Chris Grollnek? Many companies offer active shooter prevention training from a pure academic standpoint, so Why Chris Grollnek? As the former founder (prior to the sale) of Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC, he is considered one of the top Active Shooter and Critical Incident experts in the nation, with an emphasis on how training and prevention can assist exponentially in… Continue reading Why Chris Grollnek

Rapid Feedback Evaluation Process and Domestic Terrorism Prevention

Rapid Feedback Evaluation Process and Domestic Terrorism Prevention An Analysis of the five steps which explain a “process” of a select set of data sources which could be used in each step of the process: The rapid feedback evaluation (RFE) can begin after goals of a program to be evaluated are in agreement.  In simplified terms this is the… Continue reading Rapid Feedback Evaluation Process and Domestic Terrorism Prevention

The Active Shooter Phenomena

The Active Shooter Phenomena The Active Shooter Phenomena – Chris Grollnek is an Active Shooter Prevention Expert. He spoke with The Mackenzie Institute after the San Bernardino shooting. For more information please view: The Active Shooter Phenomena A very special thank you to The Mackenzie Institute for a great interview on The Active Shooter Phenomena. I… Continue reading The Active Shooter Phenomena

Happy 240th Birthday Marines

Here are my favorite Questions: ASVAB TOPICS ASVAB Contact a Recruiter ASVAB Study Guide 10 Steps to Joining Guard or Reserve Enlistment Bonuses Military Fitness Center Minimum ASVAB Scores Army ASVAB Scores Navy ASVAB Scores Air Force ASVAB Scores SELECT SERVICE ARMY MARINES NAVY AIR FORCE NATIONAL GUARD COAST GUARD SPOUSE Member? Login JOIN THE MILITARY… Continue reading Happy 240th Birthday Marines

The National Police Spring

The National Police Spring  Chris Grollnek Active Shooter Prevention Expert on Domestic Terrorism  Policy Strategies May 7, 2015 Abstract Incidents continue to evolve around the world with terrorism. Threats of violence in the forms of car bombings, hostage-taking, active shooter events, and global political and rebellious coups demonstrate the “voice of people.” The National Police… Continue reading The National Police Spring