Chris Grollnek Swat Report Warrant Service Suspect Fires on Team 2006

Chris Grollnek Swat Report Warrant Service Suspect Fires on Team 2006

On 4-13-06 at approximately 1210 hours, I (Detective Grollnek assigned to Undercover Narcotics) was assigned to the front door of the residence located at XXXX Street to Breach and Hold with Officers Sun and Roberts as an alternate entry point and diversionary tactic.  Detective #1, Officer #2 and I staged to the right side of the residence as it faces to the East until the signal “Go, Go, Go” signal was initiated and received on our radio’s.  We were to breach and hold the front door while the entry team entered from the rear as a distraction for the entry team.

While we were staged, static came over the radio and we were unsure wether or not that was the go order.  Immediately following that question, the three of us at the front door  recognized the sound of the breach from Team 1 and I personally heard a loud hit coming from the rear of the residence.  At that time, I  and assumed Detective #1 and Officer #2 heard it also because we all called out to each other to move to the front door and immediately breach and hold.  As Detective #1 and Officer #2 went to hit the front door with a solid impact ram by Blackhawk Industries, I moved to cover both with a modified M4, 10″ Colt fully automatic rifle to the left of Detective #1 and the right of Officer #2.  Officer #2 was to throw the distractionary device and cover Detective #1 while I deployed the second of three discrattionary devices.   I heard; “Police Search Warrant” being yelled out several times.  The 1st distractionary device went off in the rear of the residence, on the 3rd strike of the front door which was barricaded with a “Jamaican Door Block,” causing the door to twist open and Officer #1 delivered another distractionary device and I think deployed yet another distractionary device to cover our actions at the door as the block was not coming loose.  This all seemed to be simultaneous as I realized we were taking fire from a large caliber pistol and rifle rounds.

I then heard and saw a round come through the door near where I was standing and next to Officer #1.  Detective #2 was to the opposite side and I do not recall seeing him in relation to the bullet.  I then kneeled and took cover while covering Detective #1 and Officer #2 while Detective #1 hit the door three (3) more times until  Officer #1 physically threw it backwards (later measured 42 feet) while I covered Officer #1.  Detective #2 with my rifle.  As the 4th and 5th discrattionary devices deployed (flash bang’s), I heard what I recognized as gun shots and started to cover while ensuring Officer #2 while Detective #1 from incoming fire.  I remember the door opening after Officer #2 threw it and watched gun shots coming through the wall in the team’s direction.  I did not have a clear shot into the suspect’s direction as the entry team was moving in their direction.  Officer #2 while Detective #1, and I did not enter as the emergency contingency plan was to rally outside the front of the residence.  There were also team members still coming around the corner while others were taking cover and it was unsafe for any of the three of us to enter.

The shots fired call came over the radio and Officer #2 communicated that as well.  Then the entry team was called out to move out side to rally in the front of the house and establish a 360 degree perimeter.  When the team extracted, I went to another officer escaping through the west window and helped him check for any hits he thought he  obtained.  I then covered a team member as the mother of the suspect was called outside.

The mother arrived at the door with a dog and a phone.  A team member called the mother to me where I took her into custody and passed her to an unknown CID detective.  Someone called for a 2nd entry team to go in to the residence to get the suspect who the team thought to be hit and get the medic, to the wounded suspect.  Team Leader #2 and I entered with other team members following 10 meters behind with shields and got the medic to the suspect while Team Leader #2, Officer #4, and I did a thorough secondary search.

The medic secured the suspect while the box unit (ambulance) arrived and evacuated the suspect to a point where sky med picked the suspect up in custody, bleeding from several 5.56 round entries and in critical condition.  After the residence was secured, Sgt from the criminal investigations team and the undercover narcotics sergeant got the team moved around and gathered up while the assistant chief separated those that fired from those that did not for mandatory protocols of physical and biological testing.  The team members who shot were separated and I went to the rear of the residence with Officer #2 and Officer #4 to remain on perimeter for seven hours after.

Detective Grollnek #115

Chris Grollnek Swat Report Warrant Service Suspect Fires on Team 2006


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