Active Shooter Training Video

Active Shooter Training Video

Early in 2013, Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC formed a team of Active Shooter Defense Experts, including Chris Grollnek, Dave “Bo” Bolgiano, Dr. Morgan Banks and Dave Rodriguez, to partner with Parroco Television in order to produce a training video for sale to corporate and scholastic America. After sincere reflection on the scope and nature of this terrible scourge, both companies felt that it was more important to quickly release a no cost version of an Active Shooter Training Video. By reaching as many people possible without regard to profit, both companies felt the greater good trumped our current business model.  By no means is this a one size fits all training video, but it is an effective answer to a problem that continues to plague the headlines daily.  After the most recent shooting at the Washington Navy Yard on September 16th, Parroco rushed to make prudent edits so as to allow the release of a broad reaching active shooter training video available for free.  

At Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC, we are especially dedicated to the survival of those potential victims who are not first responders: in other words, those most immediately involved in these vicious incidents.  


Countermeasure Consulting Group, LLC, (CCG) is led by Chris Grollnek, one of the nations leading experts in the prevention of active shooter and workplace violence incidents.  CCG has become synonymous with “the standard of excellence” in the prevention of such tragedies as well as survival and post incident mitigation should a critical incident occur.  

Countermeasure Consulting Group has been immersed in the study and practical application of teaching pre-incident indicators and emergency action plans and policies tailored to the component contracting their services.  The Partners, Staff, and Board of Countermeasure Consulting Group are comprised of  former police officers or members of the military’s special operations community.

For further information concerning Superstes or Active Shooter Prevention Training that augments this training video, please call 214-663-2849 or email

Active Shooter Training Video

Active Shooter Expert Chris Grollnek – Founder Countermeasure Consulting Group

Chief Counsel and Senior Partner Dave “Bo” Bolgiano – Countermeasure Consulting Group

Psychological Expert on Active Shooter Behavior, Dr. Morgan Banks – Operational Psychology, Retired Special Forces Psychologist

School Resource Sergeant Dave Rodriguez – Active Shooter Prevention Expert for Schools and Universities

By Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Prevention Trainer and Public Speaker PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: Chris Grollnek is a dynamic Public Speaker and forward-thinking Director of the Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC. ( An Interview and Investigation specialist with a record of success at the Executive and National level for Leadership and Management efficiencies regarding Policy and the Curriculum Development for Terrorism related Prevention. Chris recently wrote and appeared in the Department of Justice Active Shooter prevention Training Video (2022-2023). Complete understanding of government and corporate contracting and investigative programs to enhance corporate standards of policy implementation. An architect of efficiencies with a results-oriented pattern of success in investigative techniques, security, safety, sales leadership, and interviewing while leading teams and establishing best practices. A well-versed public speaker, freelance television contributor, and radio news commentator. Experience in testifying before serval governmental bodies, including The United States Congressional bodies of the House and Senate committees, regarding Terrorism Prevention, Response, and Training Initiatives. #activeshooterexpert #NEVERHERE