Emergency Response Plans and What Happens After an Incident?

Does your company have a continuity of operations plan or planning strategy? Is there an emergency response plan for, what happens after an incident? Are you as an employee familiar with it and if so, how often is the information updated? The companies Countermeasure Consulting Group has been working with (mostly churches and schools) are lacking a prevention plan, but if an incident were to occur, they would have no idea how to handle the aftermath of the situation. Clean up and resources that would be critical to sustaining the operation after an incident is a high priority few realize they need to stay on track should an incident occur.

This topic is so serious, it reinforces a company’s strategy for employees requiring some type of training for self preservation planning. Should that “one off” workplace violence incident or God forbid, active-shooter tragedy occur on any given day, a preparedness plan reduces liabilities and mitigates legal requirements. A secondary benefit is increasing each employees training to understand basic lifesaving strategies. The question must be asked, how ready are you to handle an incident for six to 14 minutes until police arrive to START trying to stop the threat? Truth is, most incidents are over prior to police arrival but news stories of late highlight how awesome we as a country are in preparedness as police response times have been instantaneous. This is mostly due to the fact that the officers were working overtime jobs in the two recent events. This no doubt saved lives, but what about when the police are working their normal jobs and its you, the boss, the co-worker next to you, and the problem? Can you develop a solution in the moment while trying to remain calm and get to safety or, stop the shooter if that is your trained response? Have you had any training at all?

Company in Crisis in Need of "When seconds count, what's your plan?"
Preparedness Planning Saves Lives

The cost to come in and make an assessment, provide and execute a training plan, and ensure the office has the most up to date policies and procedures is much more affordable than most people think. Countermeasure Consulting Group is on average half of what similar companies charge for a complete assessment and training package which includes continuity of operations. We are in this business to help people, not simply profit from misfortunes of others. Hiring the right consultant to assist you in your objectives is critical to the success of any plan. Contact Countermeasure Consulting Group for further information on getting your response plan in place today, remember; “when seconds count, whats your plan?”

The Countermeasure Consulting Group Team


By Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Prevention Trainer and Public Speaker PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: Chris Grollnek is a dynamic Public Speaker and forward-thinking Director of the Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC. (www.aspppro.com) An Interview and Investigation specialist with a record of success at the Executive and National level for Leadership and Management efficiencies regarding Policy and the Curriculum Development for Terrorism related Prevention. Chris recently wrote and appeared in the Department of Justice Active Shooter prevention Training Video (2022-2023). Complete understanding of government and corporate contracting and investigative programs to enhance corporate standards of policy implementation. An architect of efficiencies with a results-oriented pattern of success in investigative techniques, security, safety, sales leadership, and interviewing while leading teams and establishing best practices. A well-versed public speaker, freelance television contributor, and radio news commentator. Experience in testifying before serval governmental bodies, including The United States Congressional bodies of the House and Senate committees, regarding Terrorism Prevention, Response, and Training Initiatives. #activeshooterexpert #NEVERHERE

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