Five Phases of an Active-Shooter – with Shared Video

Chris Grollnek has written about the Five Phases of an Active-Shooter so many times, this video makes it clear and reasonable to watch. Chris and I continue to press the times are becoming more violent and the outbreak of active shooters is not going away. Watch the video, get training, find a consultant, make your workplace the safest possible. During an incident is not the time to test your “fight or flight” reactions nor is it safe or fair for your employees.

Countermeasure Consulting Group is less than one week away from unveiling the new website and strategic mission to mitigate risks associated with active shooters in the workplace and workplace violence. Active-Shooter training for the true first responders (the ones involved in any incident prior to police arrival) is being rolled out for corporations, schools, churches (at a 75% off discount for all places of worship and parochial affiliated schools) as well as private training for families. Our government and military installation training will resume as it has in the past beginning next year. Recognized as a woman owned and operated “Historically Under Utilized Business,” strengthens my resolve to benefit the public which has been the mission of my husband when he founded the company. Since Chris retired after loosing the use of his arm from an on duty related incident, my mission remains steadfast as it was from his inception of this training idea to provide clear safety solutions and training to prevent the loss of life and reduce injuries with basic understandings of what you may encounter.

Enjoy the video…

Check back soon, the opportunities will not be as readily available as appointments are already being set…

when seconds count, what’s your plan?


By Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Prevention Trainer and Public Speaker PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: Chris Grollnek is a dynamic Public Speaker and forward-thinking Director of the Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC. ( An Interview and Investigation specialist with a record of success at the Executive and National level for Leadership and Management efficiencies regarding Policy and the Curriculum Development for Terrorism related Prevention. Chris recently wrote and appeared in the Department of Justice Active Shooter prevention Training Video (2022-2023). Complete understanding of government and corporate contracting and investigative programs to enhance corporate standards of policy implementation. An architect of efficiencies with a results-oriented pattern of success in investigative techniques, security, safety, sales leadership, and interviewing while leading teams and establishing best practices. A well-versed public speaker, freelance television contributor, and radio news commentator. Experience in testifying before serval governmental bodies, including The United States Congressional bodies of the House and Senate committees, regarding Terrorism Prevention, Response, and Training Initiatives. #activeshooterexpert #NEVERHERE

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