Today’s Fast Three

Today’s Fast Three

Today’s Fast Three Topic; “Five Fast Miles, The Unthinkable is Happening, Here’s Some Tips, Understanding an Active Shooter Event” 🇺🇸

You’re gonna be on your own; NO ONE IS COMING; what now?

1. The FBI says you have a 72.2% chance of being on your own in an active shooter event. Do you know what to do?

2. FIVE MINUTES it takes people five minutes to call the police, 4 to realize you’re in an active shooter, and 1 to make the call. That’s 5 minutes, and police are three away by national average response times.

3. Automate the process. Omnilert can do Gun Recognition and get police rolling instantly. EAGL Technologies Gun Shot Detection notifies police of the location of the signature of the shot without eavesdropping like so many other gunshot detection companies.

Be your own advocate; self-rescue is key. To do that, know the facts…

Chris releases several “Fast Three” videos from 30 years of note-taking while leading professionals as a Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in the Marine Corps to the officers he led in SWAT, UnderCover Narcotics, and as a Patrol Sergeant.

About the Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC (ASPP).

ASPP is in pursuit of excellence, making businesses and public locations like schools; houses of worship, and all general places safer, more open & inviting while creating the safest possible environment⚡️ It’s time to live without worry 🇺🇸

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Respectfully, Chris Grollnek

The Nations Leading Active Shooter Expert

By Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Prevention Trainer and Public Speaker PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: Chris Grollnek is a dynamic Public Speaker and forward-thinking Director of the Active Shooter Prevention Project, LLC. ( An Interview and Investigation specialist with a record of success at the Executive and National level for Leadership and Management efficiencies regarding Policy and the Curriculum Development for Terrorism related Prevention. Chris recently wrote and appeared in the Department of Justice Active Shooter prevention Training Video (2022-2023). Complete understanding of government and corporate contracting and investigative programs to enhance corporate standards of policy implementation. An architect of efficiencies with a results-oriented pattern of success in investigative techniques, security, safety, sales leadership, and interviewing while leading teams and establishing best practices. A well-versed public speaker, freelance television contributor, and radio news commentator. Experience in testifying before serval governmental bodies, including The United States Congressional bodies of the House and Senate committees, regarding Terrorism Prevention, Response, and Training Initiatives. #activeshooterexpert #NEVERHERE